Director of Supply Chain

Department: Supply Chain
Location: Carlstadt, NJ

Position Summary  

This position will lead and direct all facets of supply chain management including, but not limited to, customer service, logistics/freight, warehousing, shipping, inventory management, material forecasting, production scheduling, capacity planning, inventory control, non- commodity purchasing. This position will provide leadership and direction on a cross functional basis. 


Job Duties & Responsibilities:  

Direct the activities of all functions involved in the purchasing, planning, warehousing and control of materials from the receipt of forecasting replenishment needs and customer orders to the delivery of the finished product to finished goods inventory and/or delivery of products to customers.  

  • Lead the following functions and activities 

  • Customer service and order processing 

  • Liaison to customer supply chain organizations 

  • Logistics planning, purchase, and freight cost management 

  • Warehousing & shipping 

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting  

  • Inventory management inbound materials and finished goods 

  • Sourcing and purchasing of direct and indirect materials  

  • SKU management, new products and product change management 

  • Integrated weekly planning processes among Sales, Operations, Logistics 


  • Manage third party vendor relationships related to logistics, Direct and Indirect Materials 

  • Measure actual performance against goals on regular basis and present results to senior management 

  • Raw material inventory accuracy 

  • Direct material Costs, inventory accuracy and target inventory compliance 

  • Finished goods inventory accuracy and target inventory compliance 

  • Truck loading and wait times 

  • Freight cost 

  • Damaged finished goods cases and claim management 

  • Customer service level 

  • Ensure quality procedure compliance throughout cold temperature supply chain 

  • Develop and manage departmental budgets accordingly 

  • Establish annual goals and objectives, (including stretch targets) in coordination with company objectives, and manage performance to ensure attainment 

  • Participate in the design and implementation of new ERP system and optimize its use 

  • Select and implement TMS 

  • Develop vendor scorecards 


 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:  

  • Superior analytical skills for the preparation of product demand forecasts, production planning, and inventory management issues  

  • Superior process improvement skills 

  • Strong written and oral communication skills  

  • Strong business partnering and interpersonal skills 

  • Proven ability to build and manage successful teams 

  • Organized, flexible and easily adaptable to changing conditions  

  • Ability to develop and successfully execute strategy  

  • Ability to work well in high pressure situations in order to meet deadlines  

  • Ability to deliver solutions on time and on budget, while generating superior results 

  • Ability to combine expertise in material flow management with outstanding knowledge of information and financial aspects of the business 

  • Ability to effectively operate in a fast-moving business environment.  

  • Possess knowledge of supply chain activities  


Competencies Required: 

  • Makes confident, fact-based, decisions and acts on decisions with a sense of calculated risk taking 

  • Approaches problems from different perspectives in order to suggest and implement solutions 

  • Forecasts issues in advance in order to prevent potential impacts; both internally and externally 

  • Creates and manages budgets effectively 

  • Facilitates communication between team members to ensure efforts are aligned 

  • Takes accountability for delivering on commitments; owns mistakes and uses them as opportunities for learning and development  


Minimum Qualifications:  

Bachelorís Degree in Business, Economics, Engineering or related field of study. 10+ Years of Supply Chain related experience and/or training.