Plant Manager

Department: Production
Location: Carlstadt, NJ

I. Accountability Objectives:

The Plant Manager is responsible for overseeing the activities to meet business objectives, Plant manager is accountable for all aspects of the plants performance/KPI and will ensure the objectives are attained in a cost-effective manner that’s consistent with company policy and procedures and budget set forth, responsible to delegate authority to managers and supervisors to manage all functions involved and coordinate operations for the plant.

II. Specific Accountabilities:

* Overseeing all operations of entire facility.

* Ensure planned KPI’s efficiency and performance are met or exceeded daily.

* Control cost to meet or exceed budget.

* Ensure and implement safety procedures.

* Monitor the production processes and adjust schedules as needed

* Monitor product standards and follow Quality guidelines.

* Implement and drive continuous improvement activities through best practices.

* Working with Supervisors and Managers to implement company policy and goas and being obtained and followed.

* Supervising and motivate team members

* Review the performance of subordinates

* Oversee accountability of team members

* Make sure products are produced on time and are of good quality.

* Daily and Weekly meetings with team to discuss various topics to keep driving the business forward.

* Oher duties as assigned

III. Position fit into the organization:

Not sure what you are asking here

IV. Qualifications:

* Excellent management and team-building skills

* Ability to work calmly and under pressure

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

* Cost control and accuracy driven

* Proficient computer skills

* 5-10 years’ experience in an upper management role in manufacturing positio