Production Planner

Department: Production
Location: Carlstadt, NJ



The Production Planner will be responsible for creating and developing production schedules on a daily and/or weekly basis to meet goals. They take stock of inventory levels and facilitate providing necessary materials and components.

A successful production planner possesses excellent computer skills and knowledge of scheduling in production. They must possess outstanding organizational skills to manage daily and weekly master schedules, and they also must have effective communication skills. In many businesses, production planners must multitask and move workers and materials around to meet deadlines and customer needs. They are also responsible for meeting production goals and should expect to form action plans and maintain visibility on the floor to promote success among workers.

Production planners also analyze past and present data to generate reports and create more effective schedules. While production planners typically have set hours, they are usually on-call in case of production problems that need to be resolved immediately.

Production planners typically need at least a bachelorís degree in management or a relevant field. Experience in the production industry is beneficial, and knowledge of management resource planning (MRP) is mandatory.

Excellent Excel skills, ERP skills


Production Scheduler Tasks

  • Schedule the production process and production departments by material, employee and equipment availability.
  • Monitor production process and implement process improvements.
  • Efficiently assign production to minimize company costs and meet delivery deadlines.